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DLAB 20/21 International Day 1 – what happened in Belgium?

pupils at workThis month pupils, students, teachers and academics in Belgium, Norway and Spain worked together on an international day to get to know each other.

Thanks to Szymon Groman for these photos, video and reflections.

Joseph Chilton Pearce once said; “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” I never thought in my life that I would organise an international project day for a group of pupils; and certainly not a day that involves a creative activity. I always saw myself as a person that is cognitively strong but lacks the artistic meaning in life. I prepared a day where my pupils had to make an animal-strength card which involved their own strengths and a reflection of themselves strength cardsin the animal. They set to work with watercolor paint; a technique with which I myself had little experience but as you can witness with your own eyes; the results were stunning. At the end I accepted my fears and realized that fear had held me back for a long period; I guess both the coincidence of being there at the right time and the baffling pupils had taught me an unforgettable lesson.

By Szymon Gromanstrength cards

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