October 30th 2015

Meeting 1 – present:Jean, Julie, Belinda

Output 1 survey of existing provision:

Julie has begun to investigate recruiting a research assistant via Unitemps, designing job description.

We identified a definition to express what a ‘digital’ assignment is to use at the beginning of the questionnaire:

“Digital media assignments provide students an opportunity to demonstrate their learning of course content through the creation of multimedia learning objects using such formats as video, audio, still images and text. Assignments include the creation
of short video documentaries, digital stories, audio and enhanced podcasts, digital essays, and other types of multimedia presentations.” (Engage, 2012, p3)

Engage. (2012). Teaching with Digital Media Assignments.
Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin.

We identified some questions and talked through how staff might answer them eg via ticking on a list, writing in boxes etc.

Later, Belinda constructed the electronic survey to pilot with the ECYP division next week – report back 5th November 2015.

Output 2 guide / digital toolkit:

This was discussed at length and a possible approach being suggested as a digital toolkit addressing the following three key areas:

How do we design and construct the assignment?

(assignment guidance, rubrics, teaching and learning decisions)

How do we guide and support the students?

(written and video guidance, teaching and learning)

What is the student outcome? (from case studies eg blog, electronic poster, ThingLink)

Ideas and materials from the survey, interviews and case studies would inform the writing of this digital toolkit.

Output 3 case studies: not discussed at this meeting