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April 2016 notice to staff to add to NILE modules and sites:

As a module leader or programme leader, please could you put the announcement below onto your NILE sites.  This will help us invite students to participate in focus groups, to research information about ways of providing assignment guidance e.g traditionally and via audio and video. Many thanks.

Have you used video or audio assignment guidance?

If you have we need your feedback!

The School of Education are conducting a research study led by Senior Lecturer, Jean Edwards, on the use of innovative assessment design and guidance.

We are inviting students to participate in focus groups to research your experiences of video and audio assignment guidance. Your involvement would be very much appreciated, so that we are better informed about effective ways of communicating assignment guidance.

The focus group should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete.

If you think you might like to participate in a focus group, or would like to know more about the aims of the project, please contact the Project Research Assistant, Claire Paterson on


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March 2016 Information to get students to come along Video & audio assn guidance – Publicity Blurb