Wednesday March 23rd at 3.30pm

Wednesday March 23rd

Location – S014

Attending: Julie Jones, Claire Paterson, Jean Edwards, Belinda Green


Staff questionnaire: Claire has the data – and can put it into a document for us to looks at and interpret.

Collecting data from students – Claire has been responding to feedback from colleagues with regards to ethics. The material is ready and David Preece can confirm it through Chair’s Action with the Ethics Committee.

Inviting students – could be done through NILE rather than by using individual tutors, Julie will find the email about how to do this and pass it on to Claire. If Claire contacts students this is neutral, no influence from tutors. Dates can be set and groups can be mixed. Lunchtime slots of about half an hour. Julie will send the draft to Claire, Claire can adjust then Julie will add it to NILE.


Sharing data at the T and L Conference – 17th May – cracker barrel session in the afternoon – work in progress.

Three questions

How do we design and construct the assignment? (assignment guidance, rubrics, teaching and learning decisions)

How do we guide and support the students? (written and video guidance, teaching and learning)

What is the student outcome? (from case studies eg blog, electronic poster, ThingLink)

Ideas and materials from the survey, interviews and case studies would inform the writing of this digital toolkit.

There will be opportunities for continued dissemination eg ALT conference  (6th / 7th / 8th Sept) – would need booking before end of June (funding).

Jean to follow up Kathryn to see if she is still participating. Group presentation (Peter Goy) as an alternative to Kathryn’s input, or offer support with Kathryn’s

Communicating our findings – QR codes / Aurasma / cubes?


Monday 29th February 3.30pm

Monday 29th February 3.30pm.

Location – S120

Attending – Jean, Julie, Belinda, Clare

Apologies – Helen

Output 1 – the questionnaire

29 participants and the questionnaire is now closed.

Claire has started coding the data from the questionnaire and themes have started coming out – re-watching, tutor consistency, distance learning, 24 hour access, better correlation to the outcomes, absentees can catch up, (could it increase absence?),

We’re aiming for a group from each division and those on campus here. Julie to email tutors who have identified themselves as willing to be part of the research in terms of student focus groups. Claire to draft possible prompts to use and approaches to use depending on the group dynamics at the introductory point. Tutors need to remind about where and what the online guidance was.

Claire to send draft list of questions tomorrow, Julie to look at.

Aim to do some interviews before Easter and some after.

Ethics statements needed and needs approval from Ethic Committee? Jean to email Ming to ask.

Output 2 – the digital artefact

EE_Image_190216-1135possible base for the information







ELEHE article (Submission date 31st March 2016)

University of Northampton Learning and Teaching Conference (17th May)

I have submitted a proposal for a cracker barrel session based on our digital artefact.

Proposal for a cracker barrel session JE

Monday 1st February

Monday 1st February at 2.30pm.

Location – S115

Attending – Julie, Jean, Belinda and Helen

Apologies – Kathryn

Update on Project Review meeting – We were encouraged to be bought out from teaching and marking using the bid money. Jean sent round the financial details to remind everyone last week.

Research Assistant – Julie is interviewing with Helen Scott on Wednesday so we might have someone soon. We might consider using Associate Tutors at £40 / hour if necessary – Elaine’s suggestion.

Output 1 – The questionnaire is now complete at 25. A pool of relevance – 73 academics would have received it, several taken out as not being active in teaching. 35% response rate (not too bad). We will consider it closed from Monday. Julie has begun to analyse it. Progress related to research assistant. Julie will continue to look at it and work with research assistant when appointed. (related to later discussion – look out for some students willing to be filmed explaining why their thoughts about digital assignment guidance)

Output 2 – Discussion of case studies, ethical issues around asking for student views of these, using student examples of case study assignments. Mark as read on email, contact me if you don’t want me to use it. Jean to draft an email. Date to complete case studies discussed and set as by end of February.

Other: Digital toolkit discussed – We’ll be using the three questions (see 30/10/15 meeting) format with three digital items under each. Each heading will open to provide some text explanation.Jean to find a tool to make the structure.

IDEA!! We could use QR codes and origami to make a paper version too.


Ming suggested: ALT Annual Conference 2016: Connect, Collaborate, Create. 6 – 8 September 2016, University of Warwick

I also found the TEAN Let’s talk about encouraging the effective use of technology in the classroom 16th March 2016 in Manchester. I can’t go as I am teaching but other group members could?

University of Northampton – The Learning and Teaching Conference 2016 will take place on the 17th May 2016. ‘Dare to be Different’ (presentation and / or cracker barrel)

Next meeting

29th February 2016

3.30 – 4.30-pm

January 11th 2015

Meeting – January 11th 2016 (9am)

Location – S120

Attending – Jean, Kathryn, Helen, Belinda

Apologies – Julie

Project review meeting with Ming Nie:

The objective of the meeting is to review the project progress against  the project plan and deliverables. Each meeting should be attended by at least one key member of the project. It is important to attend this meeting as the project lead. Other members of the team are welcomed to the meeting too.

Research Assistant

Lina can no longer take up this role so Helen Scott is pursuing a replacement at the moment. Helen C suggested we canvas the university’s PhD students by talking to Richard, David or Cristina and go along to the office, maybe a leaflet to explain the several projects. Helen C to look for a group email address that we could use.

Output 1

The project was discussed at the School Forum and encouragement

19 replies so far, 10 gave their names. 9 from the first version – no overlap.

We need to fill the questionnaire in.

Helen C asked discussed it as the Staff Meeting and Kathryn will encourage EY. Jean to follow up with the ECYP division. Jean will forward the email to each person to resent with their own message of encourgement.

Jean to send one more reminder asking for it back by end of January. Discussed the impact of no research assistant.

At our next meeting we can discus the data more fully.

Output 2

Case Studies

Over the next month Jean (ThingLink), Helen (blog) and Kathryn (discussion board) to write about the origins of their assignments under these headings:

Evolution of the tool

Theoretical background

Where we are now

Student voice

Examples (draw themes out)


Helen Caldwell conference presentation: presentation ‘Mobile technologies technologies as a pedagogical catalyst.

Peter Goy – change of marking to save time, presentations, (pursue this if it doesn’t come up by questionnaire)

Next Meeting

Tuesday 2nd February 2pm