Friday 15th April

1pm in Sulgrave 010

Attending: Jean Edwards, Julie Jones, Helen Caldwell, Belinda Green

Apologies: Claire Paterson, Kathryn Peckham

Updated plan here: Outputs diary T and L bid

Output 1

Ethics for student focus groups gained (thanks to Claire).

Information for students notice written and circulated to staff to add to NILE sites and modules w/b April 11th.

Data from staff questionnaire collated and presented by Claire.

Available here: Digital Assessment Project – Staff Responses)

Original data available here: survey_20160226 03-48-34

Next actions for output 1:

Student focus groups:

CP suggested (via email) one to one interviews if we get insufficient responses from students to make up groups.

BG suggested ways contacting students other than through NILE modules: target student reps in the School of Education via  Samantha (Sammi) Wright Student Democracy  РJJ to contact Sammi to discuss this and possibly go into student sessions and ask for volunteers (not our own students)

Output 2

Next actions for output 2:

Design the artefact to use to share the information at the T and L conference on 17th May 2016.

This will use augmented reality through QR codes and Aurasmas attached to physical objects and origami.

Output 3 Case Studies

Next actions for output 3:

Guidance on length

BG suggested we look at the case studies on the LearnTech blog

Visual content within the blog posts as examples

Set date for completion of each case study to add to digital artefact – before 17th May.

We might make reference back to the ‘Out of the Box’ egs (use DB if necessary for the third case study) ILT Out of the Box here

Jean to discuss the EY case study with Kathryn week beginning 18th April.

Other – dissemination:

UN T and L Conference 17th May 2016.

Three questions set for cracker barrel session in the afternoon:

With the use of digital technology in mind:

  • How do we design and construct the assignment?
  • How do we guide and support the students?
  • What could the student outcome be

Who will be there? (Jean Y, Julie, Helen N, Belinda Y, Claire, Kathryn )

Next actions: more detailed planning of the cracker barrel session

Other possible dissemination:

ALT Conference – 5th to 8th September 2016 University of Warwick

Call for proposals is now closed (just missed it – it was 30th March) apologies.

ITTE – 2nd July London (Helen’s recommendation) proposals by May 16th These can be:

Research or Practice Paper (15 minutes)
Teach Meet (5 or 2 minutes)
Pecha Kucha (6 minutes and 40 seconds)

Fitting into conference strand:

In the classroom: How technology is used for teaching and learning in educational settings and how we use research to support evidence based practice?
In the staff room: How we can use technology for professional development and school organisation and what approaches support teachers to develop their use of technology?
In the library: How we can mobilise knowledge about technology use? How to publish research and practice to maximise its impact?

Other – finance:

14th April – Jean requested a list of how much has been charged to the code so far. Looking back through emails I can find this so far:

Jean (3 X FDLT work-based students / L4 4000 word assignments x 12 plus two hours for moderation)

Julie (15 hours FDLT teaching = 3 days)

Helen (NIkki Wise marking)

Kathryn (none)

Claire (UniTemps)





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