Wednesday March 23rd at 3.30pm

Wednesday March 23rd

Location – S014

Attending: Julie Jones, Claire Paterson, Jean Edwards, Belinda Green


Staff questionnaire: Claire has the data – and can put it into a document for us to looks at and interpret.

Collecting data from students – Claire has been responding to feedback from colleagues with regards to ethics. The material is ready and David Preece can confirm it through Chair’s Action with the Ethics Committee.

Inviting students – could be done through NILE rather than by using individual tutors, Julie will find the email about how to do this and pass it on to Claire. If Claire contacts students this is neutral, no influence from tutors. Dates can be set and groups can be mixed. Lunchtime slots of about half an hour. Julie will send the draft to Claire, Claire can adjust then Julie will add it to NILE.


Sharing data at the T and L Conference – 17th May – cracker barrel session in the afternoon – work in progress.

Three questions

How do we design and construct the assignment? (assignment guidance, rubrics, teaching and learning decisions)

How do we guide and support the students? (written and video guidance, teaching and learning)

What is the student outcome? (from case studies eg blog, electronic poster, ThingLink)

Ideas and materials from the survey, interviews and case studies would inform the writing of this digital toolkit.

There will be opportunities for continued dissemination eg ALT conference  (6th / 7th / 8th Sept) Рwould need booking before end of June (funding).

Jean to follow up Kathryn to see if she is still participating. Group presentation (Peter Goy) as an alternative to Kathryn’s input, or offer support with Kathryn’s

Communicating our findings – QR codes / Aurasma / cubes?


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