Monday 29th February 3.30pm

Monday 29th February 3.30pm.

Location – S120

Attending – Jean, Julie, Belinda, Clare

Apologies – Helen

Output 1 – the questionnaire

29 participants and the questionnaire is now closed.

Claire has started coding the data from the questionnaire and themes have started coming out – re-watching, tutor consistency, distance learning, 24 hour access, better correlation to the outcomes, absentees can catch up, (could it increase absence?),

We’re aiming for a group from each division and those on campus here. Julie to email tutors who have identified themselves as willing to be part of the research in terms of student focus groups. Claire to draft possible prompts to use and approaches to use depending on the group dynamics at the introductory point. Tutors need to remind about where and what the online guidance was.

Claire to send draft list of questions tomorrow, Julie to look at.

Aim to do some interviews before Easter and some after.

Ethics statements needed and needs approval from Ethic Committee? Jean to email Ming to ask.

Output 2 – the digital artefact

EE_Image_190216-1135possible base for the information







ELEHE article (Submission date 31st March 2016)

University of Northampton Learning and Teaching Conference (17th May)

I have submitted a proposal for a cracker barrel session based on our digital artefact.

Proposal for a cracker barrel session JE

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