Monday 1st February

Monday 1st February at 2.30pm.

Location – S115

Attending – Julie, Jean, Belinda and Helen

Apologies – Kathryn

Update on Project Review meeting – We were encouraged to be bought out from teaching and marking using the bid money. Jean sent round the financial details to remind everyone last week.

Research Assistant – Julie is interviewing with Helen Scott on Wednesday so we might have someone soon. We might consider using Associate Tutors at £40 / hour if necessary – Elaine’s suggestion.

Output 1 – The questionnaire is now complete at 25. A pool of relevance – 73 academics would have received it, several taken out as not being active in teaching. 35% response rate (not too bad). We will consider it closed from Monday. Julie has begun to analyse it. Progress related to research assistant. Julie will continue to look at it and work with research assistant when appointed. (related to later discussion – look out for some students willing to be filmed explaining why their thoughts about digital assignment guidance)

Output 2 – Discussion of case studies, ethical issues around asking for student views of these, using student examples of case study assignments. Mark as read on email, contact me if you don’t want me to use it. Jean to draft an email. Date to complete case studies discussed and set as by end of February.

Other: Digital toolkit discussed – We’ll be using the three questions (see 30/10/15 meeting) format with three digital items under each. Each heading will open to provide some text explanation.Jean to find a tool to make the structure.

IDEA!! We could use QR codes and origami to make a paper version too.


Ming suggested: ALT Annual Conference 2016: Connect, Collaborate, Create. 6 – 8 September 2016, University of Warwick

I also found the TEAN Let’s talk about encouraging the effective use of technology in the classroom 16th March 2016 in Manchester. I can’t go as I am teaching but other group members could?

University of Northampton – The Learning and Teaching Conference 2016 will take place on the 17th May 2016. ‘Dare to be Different’ (presentation and / or cracker barrel)

Next meeting

29th February 2016

3.30 – 4.30-pm

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