Using ICT to Improve Writing

While completing my reading from this week’s session, I read a really useful blog post by Mr G Online about using ICT to improve writing. The post talks about how, for too long, computers have been used solely as a publishing tool but, with the right pedagogy, are able to improve writing from the planning stage upwards. It was the planning part of this post that interested me most. For years, children have been taught that they must hand-write their plans and drafts by teachers not confident enough to experiment with technology. But, with most schools now having access to iPads for children, there is so much available to assist with these steps that it cannot, and must not, be ignored.

Planning apps available for the iPad range from Popplet, with its mind-mapping properties, to Evernote or Notability, which both allow you to add audio and video to your plans.

When i was at school, the planning stage of my writing was a boring necessity to me. I just couldn’t wait to get into writing the finished article. With engaging tools like this, children will be just as excited and motivated by planning their writing as they are by writing and publishing it!

2 thoughts on “Using ICT to Improve Writing”

  1. Debbie

    Although using Ipads in lessons is all well and good, don’t you think the emphasis should still be on spelling and grammar?

    1. I don’t think these apps are designed to replace the need for good spelling and grammar, they are there to encourage creativity. Certainly with younger children, if we ‘over-correct’ every error they make when attempting creative writing, we could be in danger of stifling that creativity before it has a chance to flourish. I think the answer is to find a balance and take advantage of all resources available to us.

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