Session 2: Attempt 2!

Today I visited my blog with the intention of trying out some of Helen’s ‘how tos’ on blogging but was  dismayed to discover that my most recent post seems to have disappeared! The entry was a brief description of my second ICT seminar and included some media which took me a while to figure out and even longer to insert into the post. So, imagine my frustration at the realisation that I must now attempt to replicate the post and inserts without the help of a tutor. Oh well, here goes……….Wish me luck!!!

Session 2 was a fun, interactive session that centred around Interactive Whiteboards and presentation software. We were able to experiment with the IWB in small groups, enabling everyone to ‘have a go’. When not using the IWB, we were introduced to the Smart Notebook 11 software and given the task of using it to create an activity.

I chose the theme of Religious Education for my activity, creating a simple ‘image match’ game in which children have to match religious symbols to their respective religions.





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