School C 4/4

What did the researchers say?

Responses to the session’s challenge?

In the music session today, the group were asked to respond to musical stimulus and suggest the emotion(s) being conveyed. They were encouraged to ‘see a picture’ as they listend to the music. The researchers were asked for their responses:

“It felt slow”

“I felt joyful”.

“I felt happy”.

“I felt peaceful”.

“I felt calm”.

“It felt mysterious”.


What did the researchers make?

The researchers chose to combine their previous ideas on colour and texture and create an emotional response by creating a picture.

Reflection: Key observations and findings

  • The researchers were all able to represent their emotional responses in a picture.
  • The researchers made strong connections with the music and a range of emotions.
  • They freely discussed their feelings as they drew.
  • The researchers initiated questions between themselves during the session.
  • All of the group made a clear connection between colours and emotions, with some explaining that the whole picture conveyed a combination of emotions.