School C 3/4

What did the researchers say?

 Using fabrics….

” I chose this as it is soft and it makes me think of my cosy bed”.

” The green fabric makes me think of being outside”.

” My material is bright and makes me feel happy”.

What did the researchers make?

This session was instigated by the researchers at the end of week 2’s session. The researchers wanted to use fabrics to represent their feelings and emotions. They carefully selected from a range of fabrics and verbalised their emotions and feedback whilst holding and feeling the different textures. 


Reflection: Key observations and findings

  • Some researchers found it particularly helpful to feel the materials and the textures as they talked.
  • Some chose the material for texture alone, whereas others combined teh colour and texture to represent their feelings.
  • In this session, the researchers initiated conversation and questions amongst themselves and discussed their responses as individuals and as a group.
  • All researchers were able to discuss the reasons for their choices and relate the fabric to an emotional response, both from today’s music session and to emotions in general.