School B 1/4

What did the researchers say?

In sorting activity (See attached photos below):

Top 1: I enjoy being active

Top 2: I enjoy connecting with others

What did the researchers make?

Created a beanstalk and placed beans to indicate feelings before/during/after the Well being workshop (see attached photos of results). Much discussion about the range of answers that could be given and reasons for placing ‘magic beans’ in chosen locations. These were not just flung down, these were purposefully chosen and explained by each researcher.


It was decided by the researchers that they would like to create a mind-map as a group. The words describe feelings and emotions felt during the active warm up, listening to The Sunken Cathedral by Debussy and creative writing of their class’s song lyrics. There was much discussion during the creation of the mindmap which triggered other children’s additions to the group piece. This shows that evaluating as a group rather than as an individual has benefits including:

  • Triggering the memory of experiences for others
  • Realisation of shared memories, which in turn enhances connectivity with others
  • Satisfaction and enjoyment of creating a colourful mindmap as a team as opposed to the pressure of creating a personal/individual  mindmap
  • Conversations about identity, experience and future hopes and dreams while drawing/participating
  • Collaboration and taking turns as not all could write at the same time. For example, Child D  “Shall I put your word over here near mine  as there’s space here? What did you say again?” Child E then had to spell the word for Child D to write – it was a good, short and successful partnership created to complete the task together.
  • Many hands make light work...
Reflection: Key observations and findings

  • Human percussion activity was enjoyed by all.
  • Creation of class lyrics which would eventually form a class rap.
  • Children very engaged – lots of smiles and pleased when given positive praise. 
  • Children listened to The Sunken Cathedral while watching a media visual of stained glass windows falling – very powerful combination of music and visual media. Children talked about this and the colours they saw during the reflection time. 

    Debussy – La cathédrale engloutie (The Sunken Cathedral)