Outcomes of student semi-structured interview

Learning Enhancement and Innovation Fund

The initial themes from a paired semi-structured interview with Level 5 Foundation Degree Learning and Teaching students emphasise the value of students’ informal discussion of their work-based practice. The interview produced some very interesting and insightful comments which indicated that students’ informal discussion of their practice and their knowledge, helps their confidence and security within the group.


The interview highlighted how the students’ development of two Facebook groups gives them the chance to explore their ideas and think out loud with a group of supportive peers. The interview responses provide evidence of how students share their thoughts and concerns and share problem solving, and this in turn contributes to them embedding their understanding of their own work-based practice. They articulate their thoughts and consider solutions to problems. This creates an environment which encourages students to learn from each other (Jiwani, 2015). It appears to be a means of students developing their own collaborative learning opportunities which facilitate their building of social and transferable skills relevant to the workplace; communication, problem solving and team working (Brame et al 2015). The interviews indicate that students are demonstrating that they see real value in opportunities for spontaneous conversations and meetings within the student group (Eraut, 2007).



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