At the end of last academic year we asked Foundation Degree in Learning and Teaching (FDLT) students to make video or audio clips about their experiences on the course, including any advice they would give new and prospective students.  These clips were analysed to identify some themes for the questionnaire and focus groups.  The key themes, relevant to this project, that came out of these clips were the importance of sharing your experiences, learning from others (taking their practice and trying out yourself) and how this developed an understanding of the relationship between theory and practice in the classroom.


Following on from this a short questionnaire has been devised to gather information about how FDLT and BA Learning and Teaching (BALT) top-up students communicate with one another outside of their face-to-face contact.  Responses to the questionnaire, along with the key themes from the audio/visual clips, will form the basis of the core questions for the focus groups.  It was initially intended that both the questionnaire and focus groups would take place before Christmas but a combination of staff illness and bad weather meant that these have had to be rescheduled. 


A sampling strategy for the focus groups has been devised that draws a number of participants from each of the 4 groups (FDLT Year 2 and BALT in Northampton; FDLT Year 2 and BALT in Leicester) in proportion, considering the size of the group in relation to the size of the population; the strategy also takes into account the gender split within each group.   The next step is to administer the questionnaire and confirm participants for the focus groups.

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