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The aim of our project is to trial the potential for clinic activity to generate a fresh supply of high quality learning and teaching resources amenable to use in a variety of ABL strategies.

Achievements against the project plans and intended deliverables

The Occupational Therapy clinic has been set up in the UoN Podiatry clinic. A consulting room has been set aside for the OT clinic project from January 2020-end June 2020.  We ran our first clinic on Wednesday 29th January 2020 when we saw 2 clients: an adult, and a child with their parent. We arranged for the adult client to be videoed in a 1:1 semi-structured interview with specialist Occupational Therapist Fiona Burbeary (Senior lecturer). We arranged to have the child and parent to be videoed in the larger gait room where a 1:1 initial interview and initial assessment took place with Specialist Children’s Occupational Therapist Cath Kenny (Senior lecturer).

The video footage will be edited towards end February/beginning March with the support from Aaron Freeman and Laura Stewart from FAST. Standardised assessment data collected during this clinic will be used on Thursday 20th February for teaching in OTH2108 occupational Engagement. This module is for level 5 occupational Therapy undergraduate students.

Two more clinics have been planned for Tuesday 25th February and Wednesday 4th March 2020. Both these clinics will produce more valuable data for teaching and learning.  

The data collected as explained above will provide us with clinic generated material to deliver high quality teaching through experiential learning in a variety of ABL activities. This is progress in the area of our project:  Enable delivery high quality teaching in line with Active Blended Learning (ABL).

Preliminary Findings

Progress towards objective: Establish clinic and referral stream to run twice a month by end January 2020 and once a week by end June 2020.

We are achieving this objective, having run two clinics in January and another two planned in February 2020. Gathering referrals continues to be addressed so that we can increase the number of clinics towards the objective of one clinic a week by end June 2020.

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Registered Nurse (Learning Disabilities) 1985 B.Ed (Hons) 1986 BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy 2006 MSc Developmental Disorders 2015 Fellow of the HEA 2019 I have had a varied career working with children, and with people with learning disabilities. I have been a Senior Lecturer at the University of Northampton since November 2017.

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