January 28th update on our project

We were granted ethical approval to go ahead with our project early in January 2020. Our project leaflet and consent forms were approved.

Feedback from colleagues suggest that a leaflet designed specifically for children would be a good idea, so we plan to develop this in the next few weeks.

Feedback from a prospective client has made us think about the need to be more specific about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Questions asked by the participant could be answered adequately, but we need to alter the information leaflet to make it clearer that all data is stored security and the access is limited to those involved in the project only. 

The really exciting news from our point of view is two fold: 

  1. We have been loaned a clinic room in the UoN Podiatry clinic until June 2020. The room has been transformed for our needs including painting it and putting in furniture that allows for an informal feel for client interview. We have also been gifted a child sized table and bench for assessments with young children. We want to say a big big THANK-YOU to Manju Mital (Senior Lecturer in Podiatry) and Lucie Armstrong-Kurn (Faculty Operations Manager). We could not got this far without their drive and support.
  2. We see our first two clients tomorrow, Wednesday 29th January 2020. We have an adult who is coming for an interview with Fiona Burbeary (Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy) and for a Sensory Profile self-assessment. We also have a child and parent who are coming for an initial interview to discuss the child’s needs. Both participants have agreed for their interview to be videoed and for their anonymous data to be used for teaching and learning.

We have been making plans with Aaron Freeman and Laura Stewart for professional standard videoing of a standardised assessment with a child participant in February 2020 and have a participant who has agreed to do this.

We will keep you posted about how the first two interviews go.

Thanks for reading our blog.