Don’t Break the Chain!

After “handing in” my blog for assessment as part of my University course in late November, my blog has been in a virtual lockdown for the last few months whilst it was being marked.

Marking was completed about two weeks ago; however I have found it difficult to get back into blogging. I think this is because when you stop doing something it becomes easier to miss a day and then another and then another and eventually months go by without doing what you wanted to do.

This ties in with Jerry Seinfield’s productivity tip “Don’t break the chain”. For this tip all you require is a big wall calendar and a marker pen of your choice. You write at the top of your calendar something you want to achieve (e.g. exercise, read a novel for 30 minutes, practise playing the piano for 30 minutes etc.). When you have achieved your goal you put a big cross over that date. After a few days you have a chain and your goal is to not break it. Brad Issac sums up the power of this simple technique in this blog post stating that ‘the consistent daily action that builds extraordinary outcomes’.

Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike) explains how he uses this concept in this video.

As I go into my final teaching placement I don’t think I’ll be able to blog everyday, but I think my target will be to spend 10 minutes a day planning things to blog and then share a few of these every week.

See you soon!