We’re going on a scavenger hunt!

Last week in science we went on a scavenger hunt in the University’s forest school, as part of our exploration of teaching ecology in the primary school classroom. During the hunt we collected samples and took pictures of our surroundings.

There are several benefits to taking pictures of items on the scavenger hunt list. Firstly, it means that you do not damage the environment by picking lots of things to bring back to the classroom. It also helps to avoid items going missing or blowing off in the wind.

The pictures can be looked at in the classroom and discussed. Pictures can be easily added to the working wall to support children’s learning and they can be shared on the class blog to support home-school links, with parents able to look at the pictures with their child.

I uploaded our photographs to PhotoPeach. This is a great resource to use to create something impressive with pictures collected during the school day in a few minutes. I have created a “spiral” display of the photographs, but there is also an opportunity to make slideshows with text describing what’s happening in different pictures.

We’re going on a scavenger hunt! on PhotoPeach