Changemakers has enhanced my communication skills; time management, and organisational skills through doing different tasks online and the social venture canvas. It has also taught me to extend my social capital that can be beneficial in my career as meeting new people increases the possibility of making connections and reaching to different people. Also, this module would positively help me personally as I have become more sensitive of my actions towards people and the environment.


Student, 2016


Our University Strategy is to Transform Lives and Inspire Change. We can achieve this through our outstanding teaching and research, the experience we provide for our students and the strategic partnerships we create. We can also bring together all four critical success factors, and project them externally as a major force for good- to transform people’s lives, even if they are not our staff and students, and to inspire people to act to improve society and the environment.

Changemaker is a catch-all term for the work we do as staff and students to understand social and environmental problems and create solutions that improving people’s lives

  • Do you want to make a difference in the world?
  • Do you see the same problems in the news headlines every day, and wonder how we could solve them?
  • Do you question “the way things have always been done” and change things up, just to try something different?
  • Are you looking for a more effective way to bring about social change?
  • Are you inspired by those who have?

​If you identify with any or all of the above, then this portal is for you!

Changemaker Certificate

When we inspire staff and students to tackle social & environmental problems, we award them with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Certificates

Changemaker Activities

Dozens of projects created by the University each year related to Changemaker.  These inspire staff and students to get involved.

Changemaker People

Changemaker is about people- they change lives and inspire change. Here are the key people you can ask for help and inspiration

You may not be planning to make the world a better place by solving global poverty or something like that. You will be rightly concerned with getting on with studying, and making friends. But the University is committed to ensure that you learn about the social problems in the world, and begin thinking about how you could contribute to solving them- one bit at a time. If we all do a bit, a lot gets done.

This means that we think everyone can be a Changemaker.

You might spot a social problem that a community are suffering from, and your studies might mean that you could help make a change. You will have the skills and experience to more than just any ordinary employee, but to be an outstanding employee.

To help you with this, the Changemaker portal is a virtual resource centre about solving problems, and a self-study programme on Changemaking, that runs alongside your degree. It will link you to people and ideas to help you think about solutions to the world’s toughest problems, and help you implement your ideas. You might even go on to found a new venture!

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