Changemaker Modules

The University does not have one module open to all students. Instead, there are now over 40 modules that have been specifically inspired and informed by CM related concepts and skills. The next step is to introduce CM attributes into all degree programmes at the Learning Outcome level in the COGS project.

Here is a list of the modules that have been inspired and informed by Changemaker at Northampton

SWK1051 Changemaker Level 4 UG module (plug-in module for programmes beginning to adopt CM principles)
SWK1048 Developing Enterprising Communities (originator of the CM Certificate handbook which is publically available)
FDN005 Working with ideas (over 500 students)
MKT2019 Introducing Social Enterprise
MKT2028 Enterprise in Society
ACT3007 Acting for Social Change
BUS3001 Social Responsibility of Business

MKTM032 Marketing Social Innovation

BUS1009 Business in Society
EDU3035 Innovation, Leadership and Management (BA Childhood and Youth)
EDU3037* Social Justice and Equality
LEM3017 Sustainability and Innovation in Land and Environmental Management
CRI3006* Beyond Justice (in a prison)
LAW1002 Law and Society
GEO3108 Climate and Society
LEI1022 Transformation, Innovation & Impact (originally SWK1051 in Events Mgt)
LEI3012 Events and Sustainability
SWK3026 Collaborating for Social Change
LEA3005 Leather Manufacture and Sustainability
LAW2006 Environmental Law
LAW2019 Law in the Community
OTH3115 Enhancing Occupational Therapy in Communities
CJS3015 Social Enterprise in Criminal Justice
SPO3014 Sport and Social Equality
ENV3134DL Sustainable Manufacture
FINM024 Social Responsibility and Governance
MRES004 Innovation, Evaluation & Audit
CRI2001 Crime and Justice, CRI2005 Restorative Justice
PSY3024 Understanding the Social World
PSYM081 Applied and Critical Social Psychology
SLS1017 Science communication
PODM002 Innovation and Creativity
NURM036P Community Leadership Management and Enterprise
ECNM015 Alternative Economic Perspectives
ARTM004 Creative Practice and Enterprise
PM1000 Critical and Creative Thinking
URM023 Agents of Change (Nursing)
STRM075 Social Responsibility and Impact
SOCM068 Social Innovation in Practice
SOCM066 Policy and Impact of Social Innovation
SOCM067 Bold Procurement and Commissioning
FINM039 Accounting and Finance in Social Innovation
HRMM062 Leading Social Innovation
CJSM006 Social Entrepreneurship in Practice

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