Changemaker Week

It’s great to see the Changemaker Week off to a good start, with over 40 events organised by staff and students.  This demonstrates a grassroots response to our social enterprise strategy. There are so many people across the University committed to making changes in their lives and communities, everyone can do this, not just a few hero entrepreneurs. Thanks to Tim Curtis and the team at UCEE, the Student union and the Enterprise Club for making this happen and I look forward to seeing some of the events.

Professor Nick Petford

Vice Chancellor

Every year, in the third week of the first term, the timetable is swept aside for a week of activities all focussed on raising awareness of social and environmental issues in the world and opportunities for students and staff to get involved in learning and doing.

Liam Black, famous serial social entrepreneur and all round ‘good man’ offers some advice to University of Northampton Changemakers

Hazel Blears, MP

Superintendent Richard James,

Northamptonshire Police

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