Changemaker Activities

Did you know that 81% of students are primarily interested in employability, and yet 61% of them are also passionate about making a difference in society? 

data from Changemaker LifeHack 

The Changemaker Cafe provides community groups and University staff and students the opportunity to network. This is very much a work in progress and the plan is to give the community groups the remit to shape what they would like to get out of the Cafe.

Refreshers Week is a series of Changemaker events and activities in the spring term to re-engage first year students with their studies and their purpose for being at University: becoming a Changemaker

The Changemaker Lifehack is a great place to start your Changemaker journey. It is a questionnaire based tool devised with the collaboration of NetPositive and guides you to resources and activities that are available at the university campus, tailored for you. You can create an action plan to explore these opportunities, and become a Changemaker.

The highlight of the academic year is Changemaker Week. This happens three weeks after freshers week, when all the new start students are settling in. First launched in 2013 with 40 events and 400 students, this initiative is now firmly embedded in the University timetable

We run summer schools and brain camps for our Educating With Other partners. This provides access for their students to our Changemaker programmes and enables us to have a global impact

Our Changemaker in the Curriculum initiative is a series of ongoing projects looking at ways to make our Changemaker narrative a meaningful, lived narrative for our student body.  These projects are now being built upon and developed in the ChANGE project (Changemaker Attributes at Northampton for Graduate Employability (ChANGE)) which will explore how we develop key skills, behaviours and capabilities in our students and how we define our graduates through the development of a graduate attribute statement and a framework for the development of graduate attributes.

The Social Venture Builder (SVB) programme has been designed to offer distinctive, innovative, practical models that build skills and competence while developing investable and marketable solutions. The complex social problems all societies face require an approach that is interdisciplinary and focused on both innovation and commercialisation.

Physically present on both campuses, and virtually everywhere! The Changemaker Hub is the student facing expression of Changemakers connection with employability and careers

Credit Unions are social enterprise mutual financial organisations set up by members to benefit their community. The Changemaker Credit Union is a joint initiative between the University of Northampton and Northamptonshire Credit Union (NCU). It provides innovative financial services package to all students and staff of the university.

Changemaker Global opens up a wide range of opportunities to engage with national and local initiatives that offer solution focussed training and workshops targeted at real social problems. Our students can achieve global impact through Balloon Kenya, PlanetToo, East African Playgrounds and other partners.

The 2016 Changemaker Student Summit brought students from around the world together with a passion and drive to create real sustainable change on campus, in their local communities and globally through innovation and creative leadership.

In 2014, the University hosted the 6th International Social Innovation Research conference which is an open conference that brings together scholars from around the globe to discuss the role of innovation in social businesses, social movements, not-for-profits, state actors, and the broader social economy.


In 2013, the University hosted the first ESRC funded CRITICAL:SE Reconstructing Social Enterprise seminar that aims to show that (a) Social enterprise (SE) must not exclusively be related to business-related issues and outcomes, that (b) SE should be studied in terms of how it is linguistically and politically constructed, and that (c) SE scholars should become more aware of how their own assumptions, preferences, and interests have a direct effect on the knowledge they produce 

Changemaker Students Award Programme is a National Award sponsored by The University of Northampton in Primary and Secondary schools. It provides an interactive pathway for groups of students (i.e. school councils) to plan, develop, initiate and support positive change within their school community.   The Changemaker Student awards offers a simple framework to support positive change as an integral part of the school and community life.  It can enhance the curriculum and wider life skills as students make choices, seek solutions and make a positive contribution to the school community. 

2015 saw the first Changemaker Awards dinner.

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