Ashoka U

Founded in 2007, by Marina Kim and Erin Krampetz, AshokaU is a consortium of over 30 universities worldwide that work together to inspire campus-wide social innovation initiatives.
The University of Northampton was the first university in the UK to be designated  a Changemaker Campus in 2013

AshokaU’s mission is to develop social entrepreneurship in Universities, schools and colleges by supporting institutions to make structural changes to promote everyday social entrepreneurship behaviours. Known as the ‘AshokaU values’, the intention is for these behaviours to underpin actions to ensure that every student graduates:
•    Believing they have a responsibility to make positive changes in society
•    Believing they have the power and resources (tangible and intangible) to make a difference
•    Taking initiative to bring about innovative change, local and systemic
•    Working with others to maximise impact, working in groups and networks
•    Knowing and living authentically according to their values
•    Practicing empathy; by entering, by a willed use of the imagination, another person’s world without judgement.

The AshokaU Exchange is an annual conference for over 750 academics, staff and students from over 120 different universities. Click on the picture below to read a series of photo essays about the 2016 Exchange in New Orleans

Reflections on the Changemaker Exchange 2016

The University of Northampton became a Changemaker Campus in 2013. Below is the report used for the application process

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