Objectives achieved so far: 

Recruited a research associate to oversee the data collection: Dr Sarah Mansbridge 

Recruited 9 STEM Buddies and completed their training

Recruited 6 primary schools in Northampton 

Abstract accepted by ASE Futures Conference, paper to be presented at Sheffield Hallam University in July 2020 (Cancelled) 

Completed STEM4Me workshops at King’s Heath Primary Academy and Lumbertubs Primary School (March) 

Objectives to be achieved:   

Obtain ethics clearance for data collection (Feb-March)

Collect data in schools and with STEM Buddies (March)

Set review meeting day in June (March)

Data analysis and write up (April-June)

Abstract to be submitted to C@N-Do conference (early April)

Set up and deliver review meeting (June) 

Present findings at conferences (June-July)


STEM4Me Update

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