Midway meetings

I have had one successful midway meeting with a student and mentor. Another meeting with another student and mentor did not go so well because of connection problems. The third student collaborated with me but was without a mentor. This was because her mentor was unavailable. I hope to conduct the final collaborate meeting the week the 29th May 2017.


Test ‘Collaborate’ meetings went well

The 1st scheduled system test ‘Collaborate’ meetings went well with all three of my assigned students. It has taken a little while to set the the computer hardware up on the NHS computers, but once set up all appears OK. One slight problem with one student who had audio problems mainly because of a noisy ward environment (she will require a two way headphone which we will try and obtain in time for our next ‘Collaborate’ meeting). 

In summary we are all set to ‘Collaborate’ for real mid way through placement just after the Easter Break.

5th April 17


I have had our first contact!!

I made contact with Maureen out in placement today, via Collaborate. Slight audio delay evident, which needs getting use to, but no  other technical hitches. I was just a bit unorganized with regard to agreeing the time to Collaborate. This however can be amended easily when we arrange our next remote contact meeting. I tried to make contact, via Collaborate, with another student in a different placement yesterday, however it was not possible. This may be because the correct hardware has not been installed to the NHFT computer. I am chasing this up.

Tania 14/3/17