‘Being brilliant’ those two little words conjure up a host of ideas, possibilities, thoughts and potential. The word ‘brilliant’ is defined by the Oxford dictionary in its adjective form as ‘very bright’. So this would suggest that ‘being brilliant’ is to be very bright. Bright at what? Bright natured? To be the person who walks in a room and changes the atmosphere? To be the one who infuses others with positivity, laughter. We all know ‘that person’ the one who everybody wants to talk to at a party, groups of people seem to gravitate towards them and they hold the attention of others simply by exuding their brightness. The person who in a crisis can see that light at the end of the tunnel and knows that they just have to keep moving forward to get there and do so whilst seemingly lifting and taking with them all those who seem to have lost that light.
Or does ‘bright’ mean to be intellectually intelligent? To be able to formulate thoughts and opinions in a fashion that nobody else can. Or indeed be able to convey those ideas in a fashion that means other people can. To be the person who can make seemingly impossible ideas and concepts, possible. We all know that person too, the person who can make pharmokinetics sounds as simple as counting smarties. And what’s more – they can make it exciting. Their enthusiasm for a complex concept can become infectious, and whilst we may not wish to debate philosophy ever again, at that moment in time, in that conversation with that person, we ‘get it’ and think about it and we consider it. And regardless of whether that information is called upon again or abandoned in an instant, in that moment we held that information and we owned it. And they, the ‘bright’ one led us there.
Or do we own that ‘brightness’, in our own being brilliant moments we allowed the positive person in to our life, we enabled the smart person to share their thoughts with us, and what we then chose to do with that moment of brilliance is up to us. And maybe that is what ‘being brilliant’ means, to take the brilliance of others and harness it, grow it, evolve it.
The oxford dictionary also off the noun definition of ‘a diamond of brilliant cut’, again, when considering ourselves, maybe we are those diamonds, being brilliant and bright.
VW 01.06.2015