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Why be an ordinary nurse when you can be a brilliant one

Author: Julia

Jo’s view …

Why be ordinary when you can be brilliant?…………..Life got in the way, the time wasn’t right, the situation wasn’t right, the finances weren’t there, so getting into the University of Northampton to study nursing at my age was a big deal. It’s what I had dreamed of and now I have the opportunity to shine and prove to the world just how brilliant I want to be.

The concept of” Being Brilliant” isn’t difficult to understand. It’s woven into our course curriculum from the very beginning teaching us to make positive choices, being mindful and aware, representing nursing students in a good light and being the best we can be. The Being Brilliant team have enabled the student nurses to share their experiences and consider other ways of being the best we can be. We are developing our emotional intelligence and understanding the impact we have on others and more importantly the impact they have on us. We have learned to identify the “mood hoovers” in our lives, the people who suck any positivity out of life, and in turn seek out our own inspirational role models. Being brilliant is about always doing the right thing even when nobody is there watching you!

As a nursing cohort we have shared our inspirational quotes and experiences with each other, we have laughed, cried struggled and supported each other. We have travelled to London to visit the museum dedicated to Florence Nightingale one of nursing’s all time heroes, and we have listened to the Being Brilliant team encouraging and inspiring us to shine. Being a nurse will not be easy of that I am 100% sure, but one thing that will never leave my thoughts is……..why would I even consider being ordinary when I can be brilliant?

Jo Featherstone, March 14

Why be ‘Brilliant’?

Why be ‘Brilliant’?
So what is Being Brilliant (BB) all about? Let’s start with what it isn’t! Being Brilliant isn’t about jazz hands or being manically happy and declaring ‘Ain’t life great!!’….That would just be annoying! (Who remembers Brilliant Kid..see YouTube!) Being Brilliant isn’t about asking you to make massive changes to you life (just small ones) and it’s not about complicated techniques (just simple steps). The principles underpinning BB are grounded in academic research and evidence based …but it isn’t about pouring over academic language or making sense of tricky conceptual frameworks!

Being Brilliant at UN is about applying the ideas of Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker (The Art of Being Brilliant) to our curriculum to enhance our lives and to have a positive impact on patient care. Being Brilliant is about small changes consistently applied that can have a big impact. Being Brilliant is about being the best version of yourself….not just on a good day, but every day! Being Brilliant is about making the right choices…the most valuable choice you can make is to have a positive attitude and we will explore how and why (..and the evidence that you will live longer!! How brilliant is that?)
Being Brilliant is about wanting to have a positive impact on people’s lives because that is why we are nurses.
The two Andy’s have introduced their ideas into big companies and corporations but have told us that they think there is nowhere more important for this than in working with patients …we agree.

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