Shoes are a woman’s best friend

Don’t get me wrong, some days I love waking up, getting ready and having 20 pairs of shoes to choose from. Some days I’ll begin the day in trainers, engage in a little fancy ballet pump wearing and end the day in heels. I mean my cosy rabbit slippers, I don’t get out much. Waking up at 05.00 however, that story always has the same ending, my nurse shoes, and my best buddies. By far, my most unattractive, non-fashionable piece of footwear. But let me tell you, they are by far my best investment since beginning my nursing degree, as well as all my nursing books obviously!
Are they ugly, yes.
Are they cool, no.
Do I care, no, because at the end of a 12 hour shift I am not forced to embrace in rubbing my poorly feet in pain, nor do I waddle or limp around the house or buy countless cracked heel or blister products. As much as I love them, I admit they are not on display at home on my shoe rack, they do stay hidden under my wardrobe, but they’re a rather modest pair of shoes and don’t enjoy being in the limelight too much.
Sure they were a little more expensive than some other options, but my leather, slip on shoes help get me through the day, ooh and chocolate, and fruit, I’m lying, just the chocolate part.