Thank you to one of our year 2 student nurses for this BLOG post.

Second year was entered with caution. “The limbo year.” Everyone gets advice from previous years. I was no different and this left me very anxious to begin. Yet I felt a sense of achievement that I had proved myself  “I must be doing something right” from my first year to be allowed to continue. Starting a placement at the beginning of year 2 was daunting as ”initiating care” had been drummed into us in the few lectures we had leading up to our first day. “I’m only a first year” wouldn’t cut it anymore. I actually found having that little bit more freedom gratifying. The most bizarre part I found was having a younger cohort ask me for help! I have found that the response of “I am second year” is more accepted. You’re not a newbie but you’re not quite there either. The work load is manageable, and the pathophysiology although hard to learn was very interesting and found to be beneficial when dealing with patients on placement. I have found year 2 to be the year of understanding. Starting to feel that little bit more “Nurse”.