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  1. Visual Culture to me is creative forms which relate to different cultures such as art and design, dance, drama etc.
    For example:
    -art and design which is created by an African tribe would be completely different and original from work done by an inner city White British person.
    -different dance styles depending on the place/person. An Indian person often partake in Bhangra dancing whereas a young child may enjoy hip hop/street dance.

    Having these differences create diversity within Art and Design and make Art more interesting for us to study!

  2. Definitely, I’ve seen exhibitions in galleries before which have involved music or videos and so the sense of hearing is being used. Without the sound these pieces I think would be less effective. A few years back I visited a gallery in Birmingham and saw this exhibition ( ) and I always remember it due to the sound.

    Many exhibitions allow people to feel the art work to allow people who have disabilities such as blindness to experience the art work.

  3. A really interesting example Emily, thank you. Is visual culture unique to the individual? What thoughts do the the rest of the group have surrounding visual culture? How or are people addressing visual culture in their own artwork?

  4. Visual Culture could be different to groups of people as we all have different backgrounds and cultures. I think we are all addressing visual culture within our work as we are focusing on a societal issue, which affects different people/cultures.

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