Art Education Ideas

1. A game of whispers… (Interaction Game)

When in a gallery or viewing a selection of art pieces with children encourage interaction by playing a game of whispers. Ask one pupil to think of a sentence about a piece of artwork to whisper to the student next to them in a circle. Pass this information around the group and ask the last person to share the adapted whisper. Before revealing the original artwork being referred to ask the group to point to the artwork described or go and stand next to it.. how did the art interpretation change? Do we all describe artwork in the same way? Is this ok?

2. Sound, Poetry or Movement (A game of interpretation).

Write on a selection of blank cards: Describe the artwork using sound. Describe the artwork using poetry. Describe the artwork using movement. Ask the children to work in small groups and find an artwork in the space to describe following the instructions on their card. Allow some time for the students to interact with and explore a piece of artwork and practice their idea which they will then present to the whole group. The other groups them have to guess which artwork they are interpreting and why they have gone about it in that way. This encourages a deeper level of interaction and has many links to language, performance and musical development.

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