Art Morning Rectory Farm Primary School: Session 4

The third year art specialists organised a painting workshop for year 2 pupils at Rectory Farm Primary School to enhance their creative curriculum theme: Paws Claws and Whiskers.

The students designed painting activities which used Andrew Lloyd Webber’s and T S Eliot’s musical ‘Cats’ as the stimulus. Activities included the children using cat movements to create abstract marks in paint, cocktail sticks were used to learn about the technique scraffito to remove paint from their canvases and dripping, flicking and blowing paint were explored to create spontaneity just like the movements observed whilst watching the ‘Cats’ film clip.

The children were immersed in the activities the students planned and learnt new techniques from one another. The students did an excellent job of scaffolding the children’s learning by creating a series of pre activities where the children could explore art techniques investigating line, pattern and texture in a new context before applying them to their collaborative canvases.

Have a look at the students’ gallery to find out more about the event! The children really did produce some fantastic artwork! Well done to the pupils at Rectory Farm!


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