Session 6: 3D Textiles

Session Aims:

  • To explore a range of textile techniques in small groups
  • To make correlations between traditional and contemporary textile methods
  • To design and make a piece of 3d textile art in relation to your film document this on your blog
  • To consider continuity and progression of textile art in the primary school from the role of a subject leader
  • Use the work of other artists to inform the development of your own artistic practice and discuss this via your blog

This session took the form of a textiles workshop where the students rotated round a range of activities which focused on different artistic techniques which could be used to enhance textile skills.

Some of the techniques explored included:

– The creation of plastic textile fabrics by weaving and layering plastic bags, then fusing the plastic by ironing on top to add heat.

-Creating a series of mock outfits using only pins, fabric and mannequins this encouraged consideration of design and techniques such as wrapping, twisting, knotting.

– Weaving as a basis for design- exploring how a range of materials can be combined utilising different woven methods.

Here are a few examples:


The students are now creating their own 3d textile garment which responds to the film they are exploring through their personal artwork.

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