Session 5: Turner Prize 2014

Turner Prize


Session Aims:

  • To explore how to make exhibitions accessible for primary aged pupils
  • To make correlations between traditional and contemporary artistic methods
  • To identify how to lead an educational gallery visit
  • To plan an activity which could engage primary pupils with a current exhibition with a consideration of pre and post learning activities
  • Use the work of other artists to inform the development of your own artistic practice

The art specialist students had a great experience at the Turner Prize 2014 exhibition working with an artist educator to access the exhibition in a range of ways appropriate for primary pupils.

A few of the activities included:

1. Drawing items in the exhibit by closing your eyes, tracking outlines, drawing a new image every minute and moving around the exhibit using quick sketches to change perspectives. These activities broke barriers to drawing and encourage you to observe exhibits in different ways.

2. Curating your own exhibitions as opposites: use a word e.g. Friendly, Happy, Optimistic and find an exhibit in the space which represents the opposite word, for example Hostile, Sad, Pessimistic. This enabled the students to think about interpretation, expression and representation.

The students also critiqued the work of the shortlisted artists for the Turner prize, this generated a range of interesting discussions regarding the value and importance of digital art and design practice in relation to new curriculum developments. Students questioned the direction of contemporary art and design and explored ways to make this work accessible to school children.

They were particularly evoked by the publics responses to the Turner prize exhibits:

IMG_2726 IMG_2727


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