Year 2 Session 2: Visual Culture and Multi-media image manipulation

Session aims:

  • To explore the AS1 assignment expectations
  • To be aware of the concept of visual culture and the role it can play in primary art education.
  • To identify how visual literacy can aid learning in art
  • To explore digital safeguarding and understand how to protect vulnerable learners in the digital domain.
  • To develop your own digital art techniques by exploring apps and creating a series of digital images in response to the film you are studying.
  • To be aware of the role of digital technologies in the national curriculum for art and design and how this could fit within a medium term plan for art and design.
  • Question how an art and design co-ordinator can promote the use of digital technologies in art and design in their school.

Part 1: Unpick the AS1 assignment

Part 2: Visual Culture: Explore the theories of Kerry Freedman, Paul Duncum and Rebecca Heaton. Critique imagery and articles.

What is visual culture?

What does it mean in relation to the primary art curriculum?

Why teach children about visual culture?

How could you address visual culture in your own art practice?

Part 3: Visual Literacy- critique a clip from a film: Shrek

How is it enabling the viewer to be visually literate? What themes are being addressed in the clip? Do we need to have any prior knowledge in order to understand the clip? What do we learn about the characters? Are there any issues that could be addressed with children through the clip?

Is there any relationship between the skills learnt in art education and the ones we use to read? Look at this in relation to the new art curriculum.

Part 3: Visually mind map issues associated with digital safeguarding- collaborative drawing or use the app pic-collage or thing link. How can we protect vulnerable learners online? What constitutes a vulnerable learner?

Part 4: Critique a range of art medium term plans to inform your assignment which contain digital content. What experiences do we want 21st century learners to encounter in relation to digital art practices? Why?

Part 5: Explore how apps can be combined to create visually stimulating pieces of work.

Explore sketchbook circles and the Stem to SteAm project.

Introduce Access Art

image2 image3 image1

Task: Using a combination of digital art apps: for example: Be Funky, Fragment, LayerPicHD, Paper 53 or Brushes create a series of digital images which show a process of abstraction. Take an element of study from the film you are exploring to start with for example: a key theme, a setting, character and transform it into a new visual image. Reflect on the digital skills you are learning- how could you extend or simplify these to make them accessible for a range of learners?

Part 6: Reflect on todays session from a leadership perspective considering how you could promote digital practices in art education across a school. How would you ensure all of your learners were safe when engaging in digital practices? Read DCFS Cyberbullying: A Whole School Community Issue

Directed task:

  • Create a series of digitally manipulated images responding to a theme which explores an element of your film. Upload these images to your blog or print and work with them in your sketchbook.
  • Write a short critical reflection on the digital process identifying how you may apply this type of digital media to a lesson in school.
  • On your blog with members of your group discuss the key themes from todays session: visual culture, visual literacy and online safety.

For the next session:

Bring an image, which relates to a theme you wish to address through your film, which you could develop into a print.





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