Art Specialist Exhibition 2014: Societal Issues

Today the art specialists publicly showcased their controversial artwork addressing a chosen societal issue. The specialists have responded to their issue over 12 weeks using a range of different materials and artistic techniques. Outstanding results were achieved, we are really proud of the future art specialist students on their ability to explore a range of social issues whilst also linking these to educational projects which they could explore with children in school.

The specialists have encountered a number of challenges throughout their practice; identifying ways in to contemporary societal issues which are appropriate to explore with children, without disguising the issue, ensuring that a message is portrayed to the audience through their artwork and issues with professional yet innovative display.

Enjoy exploring the images documenting the exhibition.


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on “Art Specialist Exhibition 2014: Societal Issues
One Comment on “Art Specialist Exhibition 2014: Societal Issues
  1. Just a brief comment to say how much I enjoyed taking part in the exhibition last week. I found it really interesting to see how we all chose to display our work so differently and I think this highlights how personal art is – thank you to Rebecca and Sorrell who gave us the creative freedom to do this! By exhibiting our work it gave it a purpose and made all those hours put in seem worthwhile! I hope that those who came to view the exhibition enjoyed it and left feeling inspired from an artistic and/or social view.

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