Session 10: Textiles


  • To interpret the work of a range of textile artists
  • To experiment with a range of textile techniques
  • To explore and critique how textiles can be taught in the primary art curriculum
  • Build confidence in creating your own textile work in response to your own social issue
  • Consider how child development and progression can occur in relation to textile art

What is textile art? What different forms can textile art take?

Brigitte Picavet Does Brigittes work portray a message? How accessible is this to the audience?

Nadim Chaudry Can a sculptural installation still be textile art? Why? How?

Exhibition Small Talk Creative textiles, what are the possibilities with children in school?

Tracey Emin How can we explore controversial work with children?


How can textile art be approached in the new primary art curriculum? 

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 12.12.21


Deconstructing garments and collaborating to make large scale art works. What would the children be learning?




Weaving, how could you ensure skill progression between year groups? What cross curricular links could be explored?

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 12.14.04






How could exploring the work and practice of an artist enhance learning? For example Jean Shin.
Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 12.24.00





Session Task: Deconstruct your own garment in response to your social issue and develop a new sculpture/ artwork, which uses this garment.

Think about:

1) The message your art work portrays- does it still link to your social issue? Does it matter if it doesn’t? What is the focus behind your textile work?

2) Which textile techniques are you exploring? How?

3) How could you explore your textile project in school? Which artists may you look at? What textile techniques would the children need to be taught? How would you ensure progression? How would you assess their progress?

Portfolio item/ Directed Task: 

Complete your garment artwork; create a series of photographs to document your experiments and deconstruction/ reconstruction process. Comment in your sketchbook on these images and how you may adapt the project for use in school.

For the next session: Your next session will involve installing your exhibition. Please bring all of your completed work to date to the session. You may wish to present your work in a specific way, if this is the case please bring any resources, which may help you install your work.

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