Session 7: Group Critique/ 3d Sculpture and Installation

Session Aims:

  • To communicate and express viewpoints about a variety of artist/students ideas
  • To plan how to tackle tasks and plan a variety of strategies forward
  • Review a range of artistic skills in an educational application
  • Interpret the roles and practices of different artists including those exploring social issues through 3d and Installation Art
  • Understand the benefits and implications of 3d and installation art in the new primary art curriculum.

Part 1: In the first part of this session you will have the opportunity to discuss and critique your own artwork with the rest of the group. A few things you may wish to comment on and discuss could include:

1) What societal issue am I studying and why?

2) What aspects of my work have been successful and what criteria have I judged this against? Are you considering the message the audience may receive from the work? Your own skill development or your successes with new skills and techniques?

3) Have any artists influenced my work? If so how?

4) How would I adapt this work to make it accessible for children in school. What educational projects may develop as a result?

5) Where do I intend to take the project next? How can I move my own learning forward?

Part 2: Throughout the second part of the session we will explore the work of 3d and installation artists addressing societal issues. Create a group installation depicting our societal issues and develop ideas for this in relation to the primary curriculum.

House of Contamination

Clean Water

Occupy London

When exploring these artworks consider:

How does the artist communicate the issue addressed to the audience? How successful is this?

Why has the artist chosen to work in this medium?

What is your personal response to the work?

Could you use this artwork with children? If so how? Are their any implications?

Discuss as a group the following article.

Darts, D. (2011) Invisible Culture: Taking Art Education to the Streets. Art Education NAEA, September, pp.49-53

Todays task: To create 3d box sculpture depicting your societal issue. As a group combine your sculptures to create a group installation during this week as part of your exhibition.

Generate your success criteria as a group. What do you want your installation to achieve?

Lets look at the new primary art national curriculum. How could a project of this type be approached in school? What areas of the art curriculum would it cover? How could the pupils learning be monitored and assessed?

Art in boxes may provide some inspiration.

Directed task:

Portfolio item 7:

  • Continue to create your box contribution to the group installation
  • In your sketchbook document an analysis of your box and its contents suggest ideas for how the group installation project could be approached with children. Refer here to at least 1 article or project, which you have researched where 3d sculpture of installation has been explored in a school setting.

Next session: This will be session 4 the digital session because you have already completed the independent art session. Please come prepared to the session on 26.2.14 with ideas to create a film surrounding your chosen societal issue.

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