Session 6: Printmaking

Today’s session demonstrated different ways to engage with printmaking techniques that don’t require a press. From simple use of cut/sliced vegetables, including onions and potatoes, to cut out stencils, monotypes, monoprints, polystyrene and linocuts and from using a glue gun to create a raised line to torn and cut card printing, the students  experimented with hand-made print techniques that they are likely to encounter in schools and EY settings. Most of the students began considering how a printed image may be used to portray their chosen societal issue, i.e. gun crime, global warming and pollution. (Sorrell Kinley)

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on “Session 6: Printmaking
One Comment on “Session 6: Printmaking
  1. Good to work with everyone yesterday. I know it was a whistle-stop tour through various methods so I will clarify things next Wednesday if any of you want to continue/start a print.

    Please email me to ask for any specific material to bring in or to prepare for you before Wednesday.

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