An Update on our Sessions

As one of the Northampton University Primary Education Art Specialists I wanted to give an insight into what we have been up to from a ‘student perspective’.

Although the course has been quite intense (and I’m sure I speak for all us students here) it has so far been really enjoyable and insightful. For me I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to continue to produce art whilst experimenting and learning new techniques and skills as part of my teacher training. It has also been very insightful looking at art in a way that can be accessed by children which we can apply to our future teaching.

As a group we are looking at ‘Societal Issues’ some examples of topics that we have chosen to cover include crime, homelessness, pollution and global warming. So far we have had sessions based on drawing and abstract painting and also visits to The Grange School and NN Contemporary Gallery where we have been exploring our chosen societal issue as well as building on our own subject knowledge and teaching practice. I have included some pictures that I have taken during the visits and of work I have created in response to the societal issues of Global Warming and Pollution.


The Grange School: Sculptures made by Year 6 students using wire and tights.



The Grange School: Exhibition/ Gallery Space to display children’s work.




NN Contemporary Gallery: Work currently being installed by artist Pip & Pop.

photo (2)


Abstract Painting: Textured acrylic painting based on pollution.


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on “An Update on our Sessions
One Comment on “An Update on our Sessions
  1. Thank you for your post Steph it is so valuable to gain feedback from the student perspective. I am really pleased that you feel the sessions are engaging and challenging you and that you are already making links between theory and practice as both an educator and artist.

    Something to think about: how would you define your identity? Are you an artist, teacher or researcher? Does your identity overlap?

    Great images too, I am looking forward to seeing all your work surrounding pollution.


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