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An introduction of sorts

The overarching aim of this blog is to provide a forum wherein those who have some vested interest in art and all of its multifarious dimensions can articulate a particular set of ideas, observations and perhaps indeed provocations. Contributions to this blog will be on a regular basis and it is envisaged that a range of themes, topics and issues will be explored and indeed, shared. Although the materials will be thematically organised, the parameters of what this means in real terms is something that will be tested out and explored both on an individual and collective basis.

The organising principle that informed the first series of blog entries was based on the possibility that the contributors could, in some way, shape or form introduce themselves through the selection of something that has personal resonance or meaning to them. Whilst they don’t necessarily function in an overtly biographical way, the entries nevertheless inscribe some kinship between a particular blogger’s ideas and their broader identities as practitioners and thinkers. This seemed an appropriate starting point and one, wherein, the collective endeavors within this blog can slowly both accrue and critically unfold.