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Difficulties of Being a Painter

Numerous artists spent months, even years struggling to find inspiration for new art works, yet personally, I suffer with being over inspired. This itself would not be a problem if more hours in the day existed, as well as more months in a term. In the case of a second year student however, time flies by at an alarming rate, creating a difficulty in completing even a fraction of the ideas which flow into my brain, racing at the same pace as the brushstrokes on my canvas. The challenge is not searching for inspiration within painting; rather it is the demand of narrowing down every idea, in order to be prioritized. That itself is one of the more strenuous aspects of painting. Occasionally however, this becomes a part of the fun, just as organizing an interesting composition can be almost painful to achieve, yet part of the enjoyment within making and starting a project from scratch. Truthfully, I am in a love-hate relationship with painting, where the infinite stream of ideas cause endless issues, just as the passing of time does, nevertheless, the personal journey and strife which is undergone right from the pursing of a mental image to the second the last brushstroke is applied, brings a certain uniqueness to the work. No viewer will have the same understanding of the piece as the artist does, but not because they don’t know the idea as well; it is because in fact they have not experienced the mental struggle within the process of producing that particular work. That is what makes being a painter interesting and worth racing against the clock for.