Artist’s Identity

I wanted to put across the Identity of the Artist, in a way that we may take for granted, in terms of our senses. In this way, rather than a visual Artistic stimulus, I have put out each Artist’s Identity in terms of the sound of their Walk, within University daily life, in the Walgrave corridors. After, all each person’s walk is unique to themselves, and tells its own story. I hope you enjoy listening, as much as I enjoyed the experience.  I have left in the odd voice and comment and door closure, which I think sets the walks within the context of the everyday Artistic life and sounds that surround the Artist in his/her stride.

Adele’s Walk 

Ali’s Walk

Brenda’s Walk

Billy’s Walk

Craig’s Walk

Emma’s Walk

Fatma’s Walk

Jodie’s Walk

Marlene’s Walk

Maureen’s Walk

Rob’s Walk

Ruby’s Walk

Sharon’s Walk

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