You need to submit two references with your application.


 If you do not do this your application may be delayed.


Ideally, one of your references should come from your current manager and another from an academic from your Master’s programme.


If a reference from your manager is difficult, try to get someone who is not your manager but who knows you and is senior to you to provide one? It is very helpful if the reference can show that the organisation will support you in undertaking the DBA by being flexible so you can attend the workshops and giving you access to information to complete assignments based on your own workplace. 

Getting an academic reference may be harder if it is a while since you did your Master’s and we do understand that. Make sure that the reference is for a DBA not for a PhD. Please do not use a reference written for another course or University. 

If it is not possible to get one or both of the above, then we will accept other references. And, if the referee wants to submit the reference directly to the University, please contact for advice on doing this


Make sure that both references are recent. 


A reference should not be older than 4 months when submitted.