Personal Statement


This should be about one side of A4 and cover all of the following:

  • What is your motivation for undertaking a doctoral level qualification?

  • Why have you chosen to apply for a DBA rather than a PhD?

  • What has attracted you to the University of Northampton’s DBA?

  • If your MBA was completed 10 or more years ago, how have you kept up to date with developments in your field and generally in business and management? You may want to refer to your CV for this.

  • How you meet the requirements for 5 years relevant experience and currently in a management/ leadership position? Again this may need you to refer back to your CV.

  • What is your thinking on how you will find the time to undertake the DBA alongside work, family and other commitments?


For all the areas you do not have to write a lot but what you do write must be specific to your situation. So, avoid general statements.