Your CV


Submit an up-to-date CV


Remember that one of the entry requirements is that you are in a senior management/leadership position. Those reviewing your CV may not be from your industry and so you will need to include the roles and responsibilities associated with your job title. But please do not write too much – it is the key points we need.

It may be that you are involved with another organisation outside of work such as a professional body or charity. Remember to include it so it can be taken into account. Once again make sure what you do is clear especially in terms of management or leadership. 

Another entry requirement is five years relevant experience at an appropriate level.  Does your CV show how you meet this requirement?


Qualifications and other management training or development that supports your application. 


Make sure you give all your qualifications from your Bachelor’s degree onwards. Please include professional qualifications as well as academic qualifications if you have them.

If you were awarded your Master’s ten or more years ago we will need to understand how you have kept up to date with developments in management and your functional area since then. One way of doing this may be through training and development, so make sure that you include it.

Even if you have recently obtained your Masters, it is still important to include this because it may strengthen your application.

Make sure you give information about who provided the training/development, what it was, when and whether or not it was certificated. If you have written or delivered conference papers include that information as well, once again giving the details.