Windows 10 tips

Windows 10 Desktop

Are you using Windows 10 at work? Do you want to become more familiar with it and know how to use it better?

See the above guidance for more on:

  1. Pinning programs (apps) to the taskbar, organising the Start Menu and using the Action Centre
  2. Splitting the screen to work with multiple windows and multitasking
  3. Using the trackpad and touch screen (if available on your device)
  4. Using the Windows Store and accessing Microsoft Store for Education
  5. Setting up and using Cortana
  6. Using it as a tablet (if available on your device)
  7. Using Windows Ink Workspace and setting up an Active pen (if applicable on your device)
  8. Security – setting up fingerprint recognition (if available on your device)
  9. Edge – reasons why you may want to give the web browser a try
  10. Other general tips – such as keyboard shortcuts, using File Explorer effectively, pinning documents, zooming
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