App Café dates and session details for 2016-17

App Café dates and session details for 2016-17

Please note, the below is correct as of January 2017. Please email or call Ex. 2519 to check exact details.

  • All sessions are held within TPOD, Park Library – unless otherwise stated.
  • All sessions run from 1-2pm.
  • Where possible please email to confirm your attendance.
  • Bring with you your tablet, smartphone or laptop!

For up to date details of what is covered during each session, please see:

Within the above document, the following is detailed:

  • Dates for 2016-2017
  • What to do before you attend the App café
  • What are the benefits of using such apps?
  • Problems these apps can help address
  • What to do after you attend the App café (all optional)

Dates at a glance

Previous dates in 2016

Dates Content to focus on: The best apps for …
Weds 15th June 2016 Saving content to read later
Tuesday 16th August 2016 Manipulating Media (for learning and teaching)
Weds 14th September 2016 Team communication (other than email and telephone)
Thurs 13th October 2016 Visible Learning (for learning and teaching)
Weds 16th November 2016 Managing and sharing tasks or to-do lists
December 2016 Recording and embedding video (Kaltura)

Dates in 2017

Dates Content to focus on: The best apps for …
Weds 25th Jan 2017 Note-taking and note organisation
Weds 15th Feb 2017 Digital Storytelling (for learning and teaching)
Thurs 16th Mar 2017 Collaborative online file sharing and document editing
Fri 28th Apr 2017 Talk and Collaboration (for learning and teaching)
Thurs 18th May 2017 Document scanning
Thurs 15th Jun 2017 Technology Outdoors (for learning and teaching)
Thurs 13th Jul 2017 Screen-sharing and/or recording your screen
Weds 16th Aug 2017 Online marking (Turnitin)
Weds 13th Sept 2017 Mind mapping
Weds 18th Oct 2017 Apps and Web-based tools for Formative assessment
Weds 15th Nov 2017 General Productivity
Weds 13th Dec 2017 General L&T apps (tbc)
Weds 17th Jan 2018 Presentation apps


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