Art Trip – Saatchi Gallery, London



Hello again everyone!

As I was unable to go on the Art trip, but I didn’t want to miss out on such a great opportunity to build my portfolio of lesson ideas – especially after never being to an Art gallery before…ever! Yes, appalling… I know! I also wanted to do the Art assignment and thought this would benefit work towards my final project as well as my boosting my professional development as a trainee teacher! My main photos from the day have been placed in my sketchbook, which is currently being marked. But when I have access to them I will upload them onto here for you all to see!

Saatchi Gallery Trip


Overall I thought the Saatchi Gallery was awe inspiring – I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been to a Gallery before! Everywhere I looked there was an intricate piece of Art or sculpture that caught my eye. I wanted to go and create a piece of art myself!! I believe that if you took children here the place would have the same effect on them too! I can’t wait to go to another gallery – next stop the Tate! 😉 

Luckily, the children can go and let their imaginations run wild after being inspired by the artwork in the gallery. The location has it’s very own education room which is free of charge to book for schools!! It is home to every art resource the children would want! What more could you ask for?!

Ohh.. yes, maybe you would want Education Packs to reduce the already huge amount of time you would need to spend on planning! Well; they have those too!! They cater for all school ages, and teachers are welcome to edit them as they wish.

For more information see my sketchbook (lecturers), or visit the Saatchi Gallery website by clicking the Saatchi logo above.

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